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What My Students Say:

"Charles is an amazing teacher, a wonderful person, and a great thinker. Charles is an expert at teaching pronunciation, listening to his students' specific needs and developing the appropriate training to help them overcome their weaknesses. You get a full package that will make your spoken English effective and responsive. You'll gain confidence, improve your conversational skills and discover parts of American culture that you may have otherwise missed. Each class is a fun and unique opportunity to grow your skills through a very kind and human experience. Charles, thank you, you rock!"

- Anne- Lise Bighinatti
Marketing Project Manager

""This guy is a hidden gem. If you've been searching for that highly proficient but very humble teacher, then look no further! He is the best accent coached I've worked with, and I've met a few. Charles has a gift to explain everything with ease, and sessions with him are always fun! He is also very patient, and will work with you until you get what you came for; He won't keep checking his watch and cut you off in the middle of your sentence when your session is done (as I've experienced with another teacher). And I LOVE his book that comes with an mp3 audio (which by the way he gives to his students FOR FREE), I owe you a lot Charles, a million thanks!!!""

-Meki Saldana

" I've had a couple speech coaches but none like Charles; lessons with him are effortless and comfortable. He always tries to make himself available for me and to help me above and beyond of what is required of him. He is professional, funny and dedicated. His approach to teaching is personal and this way of working is very effective! Charles has helped me with auditions and callbacks. I have seen a drastic change in my accent and so has my acting agency. I'm very grateful for Charles!"

- Charlbi Dean Kriek

"I hired Charles to be my speech coach after trying so many others and being disappointed. Charles taught me that losing an accent is possible by
intensive practice. First, he made sure that I understood how each vowel 
in American speech sounds and how it is articulated.
After drilling all the sounds, he taught me how the melody of American speech works.
Furthermore, for the first time, studying pronunciation was actually fun because
Charles made sure that I worked hard on a variety of exercises.
Thanks to Charles, I have virtually eliminated my Russian/Israeli accent.
Without his help and dedication, this would have never been possible. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to reduce or eliminate
their accent."

- Natalia Goncharov
Actress, Stella Adler Conservatory of Acting

"Charles is an excellent teacher who engaged me throughout the entire training process. His classes were fun and easy to follow. He is a very patient guy and helped me practice again and again until I got it. For example, before taking his classes, I had hard time pronouncing "l" and it affected my communication both on a personal and professional level, Charles was able to study my pronunciation, from the shape of the mouth, to the position of the tongue and correct it successfully.  In addition, he has a pair of professionally trained ears that were able to distinguish very subtle sound differences which make him a perfect teacher for pronunciation and accent reduction. Charles-Thank you again for all your help!"

-Cecillia Chen
Human Resources Director- KPMG

" Charles is a great teacher. He designs an individual program for every client to tackle their specific problems. Exercises are very diverse, effective and fun to do! Charles has an amazing understanding of the English language in all its aspects. His explanations are very clear. He helps you to practice until you get it. I learned how pronounce every sound correctly, and I am not afraid of the English language anymore. I recommended him to all my “accent-challenged” friends! "

- Irina V.
Actress- NYC

"I have taken pronunciation classes from quite a few instructors. Charles Becker is the best. From the first lesson, I could tell that he knew what he was doing. He has an outstanding understanding of the English sound system and the movements needed. Most importantly, Charles has the ability to clearly explain to a student how to correctly produce the sounds of English.
Charles has musical training, so he also posseses a special ear that enables him to point out my weak points and then clearly correct them.
I strongly recommend him to people who are really serious about improving their pronunciation."

-Keiko Yamazaki
Television sound engineer, NYC

" After the first class with Charles, I already knew that I wanted to continue learning from him. He is an outstanding instructor in many ways. He clearly explains how to pronounce each vowel, consonant and the intonation of English in order to sound American and he also finds a specific way for YOU to do it. He created exercises specifically for my needs and together we figured out what works and what doesn't. He made working on my speech a fun experience, I enjoyed going home and working on what I just learned. After only four months, I am very confident with my American accent, which is a lifesaver as an actor. Charles opened the most important door for me:  to be able to play American roles and to find representation. If you want to learn how to reduce or eliminate your accent, Charles is the perfect choice. Thanks Charles for everything! !"

-Martin Schoendorfer- (Maxxie Tayson)
Actor and graduate of Lee strasberg Institute, NYC

"Before studying with Charles, I had been taking speech and accent reduction classes in a famous acting studio and privately with a couple of very well known voice teachers in New York. While my wallet got progressively thinner, all that I gained was a limited understanding of what it takes to form an American accent.

I came to Charles hoping to reduce my accent and after only two months, I have done just that and so much more. I have to say that I have learned more about accurate American English pronunciation than with any other teacher. Not only that, but I have learned a great deal about overall vocal quality. Additionally, I have learned how to practice effectively on my own.
Charles' instruction on how to adjust my intonation has helped me significantly more than the endless recitation of Shakespeare I was assigned in the acting studio. Through Charles'  "technical"  explanations of how the vocal faculty is used, I have been able to fully grasp the essence of the standard American accent.

I feel like I have come a long way in just two months. Charles' lessons have been invaluable."

-Kalina Dimitra
Actress, NYC

"Practice, practice and practice to become better. But first, learn from the best, Charles Becker. Charles is highly proficient and extensively experienced in accent reduction. He is a warm- hearted, patient, and amiable guy who will educate you to all the steps you need to become a master in speaking. Don't waste your time on searching for other institutions. You will be wasting your time and paying 7 folds more on one lesson. I am a lot more confident in my daily life and wish I had met Charles earlier."

-Jason Lee
MBA Student, Pace University NY

"As a Columbia University doctoral student, I had to make presentations and
lead talks at project meetings. Since English is not my native tongue, I used to get terribly anxious and lack self-confidence. I researched lots of information about
private lessons for a while.
I think that I was very lucky to find Charles. He is very patient and has a deep insight
into the issues that non-native speakers have. The lessons with him were fun and productive and I always looked forward to the next one.
Thanks to his help, I realized what was wrong with my pronunciation and learned how to correct it in order to speak English in a more native way. Moreover, I could see my listening got much better as I learned and corrected my pronunciation.
Finally, I was able to deliver my presentation at a national level scientific conference with confidence and received high honors from the panel of judges.
Many thanks, Charles. You "rock"!

-Sookyung Hyun
Ph.D Nursing, Columbia University, NYC

"Before taking lessons with Charles I struggled with my pronunciation.There were times at work when people looked at me puzzled and tried to figure out what I was saying.
Training with Charles has helped me tremendously. In my annual performance review, two of my bosses praised my speech, commenting that I now sound crystal clear and confident! 
I'm so glad to have met Charles Becker, who has shown me exactly how I should produce the sounds of English. All this training has not only made a remarkable difference in my pronunciation, but has also improved my listening skills.
  Taking accent reduction lessons is an amazing experience. It's not a fast and easy process but Charles' excellent instruction, combined with hard work will definitely produce real results! "

 - Lisa Chwae
Fashion Production Manager ,  NYC

"I studied with Charles for 3 months.  I learned a lot about pronunciation from him, and my pronunciation improved a lot.  Before I met him, I didn't know the rules of English pronunciation . His class was easy to understand, and his pronunciation and explanations were so clear.
I am now aware of the correct way to pronounce English.
Now I can pronounce almost every word correctly, even a word that I've never seen before.  Thank you, Charles!"

 - Mi-kyung Kim
ESL student,  NYC

"I am a second year graduate student at Columbia University. As on-campus recruiting season was approaching, I really needed an English tutor to coach my pronunciation and presentation skills for success in highly competitive job interviews.
Charles has an in-depth understanding of English pronunciation. He clearly pointed out my problems and provided me with effective solutions to correct my accent. In addition to accent reduction, Charles also helped me to solve all my problems in English such as formal English writing, idioms and slang in American speech. With his help, I finally landed an ideal job in finance.
Charles, thanks so much. You inspired me and taught me the native way to speak English. I highly recommend Charles to anyone who wants to learn an accurate American accent and authentic American English."

- Te-Yi Chen
Graduate student, Columbia University Business School